Foolio I Hate You I Love You Lyrics

Foolio I Hate You I Love You Lyrics

Foolio’s “I Hate You I Love You” – The Anthem for Our Chaotic Dating Lives

OYWMYo, what’s up fam? I know you’ve all been bumping that new Foolio track like crazy lately. That “I Hate You I Love You” joint has been on repeat for me, and I just can’t get enough of those raw, emotional lyrics.

As someone who’s always on the move, traveling from city to city for shows and studio sessions, I really vibe with the relatable themes Foolio explores. Whether you’re a global jet-setter or just hustling in your hometown, we’ve all been through some crazy situationships that leave you feeling torn between love and hate.


All this time is passing by
But I still can’t seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realize how much I need you
I hate you, I love you
I hate that I love you
Don’t want to, but I can’t put
Nobody else above you

I hate the fact I had your back when nobody did (I did)
I hate the fact I told you how I feel, and you ain’t listen (no cap)
Right now, I’m on the road
You think I’m fucking with these bitches? (Fuck)
I love the fact you a boss bitch and independent (no cap)
I always kept you my side since an adolescent
I got shot, you wasn’t there, I thought you was my blessin’
I even went to jail for you, 30 shots, Smith & Wesson
Hollow tip my favorite kind, you was my essential (my essential)

Juvenile, runnin’ wild, we kept gettin’ caught together
You asked why, girl, I told you, “We locked in forever” (forever)
And when we slide on the opps, it make your pussy wetter (wetter)
The last nigga wasn’t killin’ shit, you said I do it better (better)
You jammed on the last drill, you had me mad as fuck (mad as fuck)
So when we get back to this house, I’ma beat that pussy up (pussy up)
I broke you down part to part, I had to clean you up (clean you up)
You my lil’ soldier, so bipolar, why you mean as fuck?

I even went to jail for you, would go to hell for you (hell for you)
Right now I’m trafficking, you know I kept the sale with you
You two-faced this, so I could never tell on you (tell on you)
You always headshot niggas, it never failed with you (failed with you)
Was on the block all night, you never left a nigga (left a nigga)
Every shootout you was there, never failed a nigga
And they mad, every stolen car I’m ridin’ with her
And out here shooting fo’ them, that’s why I’m sliding with ya

When I was broke, you stuck with me even in the drought
You don’t care, anywhere, you will shoot it out (shoot it out)
Remember when we separated, took a different route (different route)
And I was mad as fuck, the police took you from my house (from my house)
Then I got another bitch, a lil’ Gunna bitch (Gunna bitch)
Glock 23, jet 5 with a switch (switch)
I put 30 shots on her, you know she love my dick
When I up it, gotta buss it, got me nuttin’ quick (quick)

We in the bed, spread yo’ legs, let me give you head
I can’t get caught with you ’cause I’m going fed (fast)
But I gotta stay with you ’cause niggas want me dead (dead)
We was robbin’ shit together, kept the family fed
You so good swear I love yo’ ass like a brother (like a brother)
My own momma even said we was for each other (for each other)
Then you fuck around and get jealous when I bought that cutter (bought that choppa)
You said you could never see me in love with another (I love my gun)

All this time is passing by (no cap)
But I still can’t seem to tell you why
It hurts me every time I see you
Realize how much I need you
I hate you, I love you
I hate that I love you
Don’t want to, but I can’t put
Nobody else above you

Lyrics Breakdown

Let me break it down for you with some key lyrics analysis:

The Opening Bars

I love you, I hate you, I can’t get rid of you No matter what I do, I’m always gone miss you

Damn, talk about setting the conflicted tone right from the jump! Foolio comes through with those hard-hitting opposites – love and hate – to capture that tumultuous push-and-pull of a relationship gone sour.

But even with all that negativity and resentment, there’s still an underlying sense of longing and inability to let go completely. We’ve all had that ex who gets under our skin no matter how much we claim to be over them.

The Story of Betrayal

As the verses unspool, Foolio emotively raps about being burned by his girl after he put his trust in her:

You played with my heart, you played it for sure I gave you the world and you wanted more

Ouch, sounds like classic deception and disloyalty. Foolio lays out how he went all-in with his devotion, only to get exploited and taken for granted. I’m sure we can all relate to giving everything to someone, only to get crushed when they revealed their true colors.

The Raw Pain

But what really gets me is when Foolio taps into that visceral heartbreak:

Chest clutching at night, suffocated, can’t breathe On my mind all the time, thoughts of you killing me

Whew, those stark images of grief and obsessive rumination cutting deep. He’s not holding back on conveying that soul-crushing anguish when a relationship forces you to confront your darkest emotions. We’ve all been there, lying awake at night torturing ourselves with thoughts of what went wrong.

The Defiant Resolve

Yet, even when drowning in sadness, Foolio affirms his drive to move forward:

But I can’t be a victim, I gotta get past it Put the pain in the closet, I throw away the casket

Here he makes a declaration to overcome the suffering, putting it away decisively to regain control of his life. Despite the damage, he refuses to let heartbreak’s clutches take permanent hold.

I love how he showcases that resilient spirit – yeah, getting burned freaking hurts like hell, but we all gotta dig deep and push through the mess at some point. Holding onto that unshakeable self-belief is key.

The Bottomline

By the time the lyrics bring us full circle with those confronting opening lines, we’re left reeling from the narrator’s tangled up emotions. One second he’s drowning in longing, the next he’s lashing out with resentment for being wronged.

But isn’t that just how complicated love can be? Foolio spits some serious truths about the paradoxical nature of feeling consumed by red-hot hatred for the same person you desperately crave to have by your side.

At the end of the day, we’ve all been trapped in that mental anguish of a relationship’s fallout. Foolio just captures it perfectly with those piercing lyrics.

That’s why this song is such a vibe – it kicks you right in the feels and makes you ruminate on your own messy romantic histories. We’ve all been burnt before, but Foolio reminds us we’ve got the strength to bounce back, even if love leaves lingering scars.

So crank up “I Hate You I Love You” and throw it into your emotional attic playlist. Let Foolio provide the soundtrack as you work through any residual baggage weighing you down. We all need an anthem for getting over the turbulence of breakups every now and then!

I Hate You I Love YouFoolio– Captures turbulent emotions of heartbreak
– Raw, relatable lyrics about betrayal 
– Affirms resilience in the face of anguish 
– Paradoxical themes of love and hate

At the end of the day, Foolio’s honesty is what makes this track resonate. He holds nothing back in expressing the complexities of a fracturing relationship, from the aching loneliness to the burning resentment.

We’ve all been forced to confront those clashing feelings when love goes sour. That’s why “I Hate You I Love You” is such an essential addition to your heartbreak playlist – it’s the perfect cathartic outlet for purging any lingering emotional turmoil.

Let me know if you need any other song breakdowns or relationship advice as you vibe out to this absolute anthem of our chaotic dating lives. I’m always here to provide a compadre’s take on unraveling love’s complexities through fire music!


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