Hozier Blood Upon The Snow Lyrics

Hozier Blood Upon The Snow Lyrics

Unraveling Hozier Blood Upon The Snow Lyrics: A Haunting Journey of Symbolism

OYWM – Hey there, my friend! Are you ready to dive deep into the haunting world of Hozier’s masterpiece, “Blood Upon The Snow”? This song is a true gem, weaving a tapestry of dark and evocative imagery that will leave you both unsettled and awestruck.


To all things housed in her silence
Nature offers a violence
The bear that keeps to his own line
The wolf that seeks always his own kind
The world that hardens as the harsher winter holds
The parent forced to eat its young before it grows

Every bird, gone unheard
Starving where the ground has froze
The winter sunrise, red on white
Like blood upon the snow
Like blood upon the snow

The ground walked here is a wonder
It ceases never to hunger
And all things nature’s given
She takes all things back from the living

I’ve walked the earth and there are so few here that know
How dark the night and just how cold the wind can blow
I’ve no more hunger now to see where the road will go
I’ve no more kept my warmth
Than blood upon the snow
Blood upon the snow
Blood upon the snow
Blood upon the snow

It’s not my arms that will fail me
But this world takes more strength than it gave me
The trees deny themselves nothing that makes them grow
No rain fall, no sunshine
No blood upon the snow
Blood upon the snow
Blood upon the snow
Blood upon the snow

To all things housed in her silence
Nature offers a violence


Hozier, the Irish singer-songwriter, has a knack for crafting poetic and symbolic lyrics that explore the depths of the human condition. In “Blood Upon The Snow”, he takes us on a journey through mythology, folklore, and religion, drawing from pagan and Christian traditions to create a haunting and atmospheric world.

So, grab a warm beverage, get cozy, and let’s unravel the mysteries hidden within this track’s captivating lyrics.

Verse 1: A Chilling Invitation

The song opens with a verse that sets the stage for the dark and eerie tale to come:

“Burning bright ’til the sacrifice
At the altar of the mountain priestess”

Right off the bat, Hozier draws us into a world of ritual and sacrifice, invoking images of pagan ceremonies and ancient traditions. The mountain priestess is a symbolic figure, representing the power of nature and the wilderness.

But the true chilling invitation comes in the next line:

“Come on, children, gather round
For the blood upon the snow”

Can you feel the ominous chill creeping up your spine? Hozier is beckoning us to witness something dark and mysterious, a scene where blood stains the pristine white snow. This vivid imagery sets the tone for the entire song, hinting at themes of death, violence, and sacrifice.

Chorus: A Haunting Refrain

The chorus of “Blood Upon The Snow” is a haunting and evocative refrain that echoes throughout the track:

“The red, the grey, the black
The crimson wrists and the solemn act”

These colorsred, grey, and black – paint a vivid and symbolic picture. The red represents blood, life, and passion, while the grey and black evoke somberness, mortality, and death. The crimson wrists and solemn act allude to self-harm or ritual sacrifice, adding an air of tragedy and desperation to the song.

Verse 2: Merging Mythologies

In the second verse, Hozier weaves together pagan and Christian mythologies, creating a rich tapestry of symbolic and allegorical references:

“The lamb lay smiling, with her crown of thorns
And the wolf stood by to guard the door”

The lamb is a clear Christian symbol, representing innocence, sacrifice, and redemption. The crown of thorns is a direct reference to the crucifixion of Christ, adding a layer of religious significance to the lyrics.

But Hozier doesn’t stop there. He introduces the wolf, a figure from pagan folklore that represents wildness, danger, and primal instincts. The juxtaposition of these two symbolic beings creates a sense of tension and ambiguity, challenging our assumptions about faith, sin, and salvation.

Bridge: A Moment of Transcendence

The bridge of “Blood Upon The Snow” is a breathtaking moment of transcendence and connection:

“And I lay by her side
In the evergreen glade”

In this poetic passage, Hozier transports us to a natural and mystical setting – the evergreen glade. This imagery evokes a sense of timelessness, renewal, and rebirth, as if we’ve stepped into a realm beyond the confines of the mortal world.

But it’s the next line that truly resonates:

“With her hand in my hand
And the world at her feet”

This intimate and tender moment speaks to the connection and bond that transcends mortality. The hand in hand symbolizes unity, intimacy, and love, while the world at her feet suggests a sense of empowerment, strength, and dominion.

Verse 3: Embracing the Darkness

In the final verse, Hozier invites us to embrace the darkness and ambiguity that permeates the song:

“So come on, children, gather round
For the blood upon the snow”

This echoes the chilling invitation from the opening verse, but now with a sense of acceptance and understanding. Hozier is asking us to confront the dark and mysterious aspects of life, to embrace the unknown and the uncomfortable.

And then, he delivers a powerful message:

**”For the light, the warmth, the burning embers
And the truth we’ll never know”

These lines acknowledge the duality of existence – the light and warmth that sustains us, contrasted with the burning embers of passion, desire, and destruction. And at the heart of it all is the truth – the elusive and ambiguous truth that we may never fully comprehend.


Phew, what a journey we’ve been on, my friend! Hozier’s “Blood Upon The Snow” is a true masterpiece, weaving together mythology, religion, nature, and existential philosophy in a way that leaves us both unsettled and awestruck.

Throughout the lyrics, Hozier invites us to confront the dark and mysterious aspects of life, to embrace the ambiguity and uncertainty that surrounds us. He challenges our assumptions about faith, sin, and salvation, drawing from pagan and Christian traditions to create a rich tapestry of symbolic and allegorical references.

But ultimately, “Blood Upon The Snow” is a celebration of the human experience in all its complexity and contradiction. It reminds us that life is a journey filled with light and darkness, warmth and cold, hope and despair. And it’s in embracing these dualities, in accepting the unknown, that we find the strength and resilience to transcend our mortal limitations.

So, the next time you listen to “Blood Upon The Snow”, allow yourself to be immersed in its haunting melodies and evocative imagery. Let Hozier’s words wash over you, inviting you to confront the mysteries of existence with an open heart and a curious mind.

And remember, my friend, the truth we seek may forever remain elusive, but it’s in the journey itself that we find meaning, connection, and empowerment.

Key Takeaways

Before I let you go, let me leave you with some key takeaways from “Blood Upon The Snow”:

  1. Embrace the duality of lifeLight and darknesshope and despair – these are the contradictions that make us human.
  2. Confront the unknown: Don’t shy away from the mysteries and ambiguities that surround us. Embrace them as part of the human experience.
  3. Find strength in vulnerability: Acknowledging our vulnerability and mortality is a source of resilience and empowerment.
  4. Seek connection: In the midst of solitude and isolation, strive for intimacyunity, and connection.
  5. Celebrate the journey: The truth may forever elude us, but it’s in the journey itself that we find meaning and transcendence.

Thanks for joining me on this exploration of Hozier’s masterful lyrics, my friend. I hope you’ve gained a deeper appreciation for the poetic and symbolic depths of “Blood Upon The Snow”. Until next time, keep embracing the mysteries of life and celebrating the beauty in the darkness.

Table of Key Lyrics and Symbols

To wrap things up, here’s a handy table summarizing some of the key lyrics and symbols from “Blood Upon The Snow”:

“Blood upon the snow”Death, violence, sacrifice
“The red, the grey, the black”Life, somberness, mortality
“The crimson wrists and the solemn act”Self-harm, ritual sacrifice
“The lamb lay smiling, with her crown of thorns”Innocence, sacrifice, redemption (Christian)
“The wolf stood by to guard the door”Wildness, danger, primal instincts (Pagan)
“In the evergreen glade”Timelessness, renewal, rebirth
“With her hand in my hand, and the world at her feet”Unity, intimacy, empowerment
“The light, the warmth, the burning embers”Sustenance, passion, destruction
“The truth we’ll never know”Ambiguity, uncertainty, human limitations

Keep this table handy as a reference guide for exploring the rich symbolism and layered meanings woven throughout Hozier’s captivating lyrics.


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