Silent Planet Antimatter Lyrics

Silent Planet Antimatter Lyrics

Antimatter: A Cosmic Odyssey Through Lyrical Dimensions

OYWM – Attention, fellow cosmic explorers! Brace yourselves for an auditory singularity that will send shockwaves through the fabric of your reality. We’re diving headfirst into the mind-bending lyrics of Silent Planet’s Antimatter, a masterpiece that transcends genres and dimensions.

As a fellow traveler artist, I can’t resist the gravitational pull of this sonic masterpiece. Silent Planet is no ordinary band; they’re a collective of musical alchemists, fusing elements of metalcore, progressive rock, and ambient soundscapes into a cosmic tapestry that defies categorization.

Antimatter, their latest offering, is a tour de force that will take you on an interstellar odyssey through the depths of existential philosophy, quantum mechanics, and self-discovery. Buckle up, because this lyrical voyage is about to get mind-bendingly bizarre.


Guilty conscience:
Barely hanging by a breath
Cut the lights and make me your oblivion
And I will follow
Through the phosphorescent streets
I’d give anything to be in over my head

Broken promises collapse
Bodies lay like shattered glass
Hold the pieces feel how nothing ever lasts
With tunnel vision fading in
How I’ve thirsted for the end
Pull me closer till I’m in over my head

We are broken bodies bound for each other
In the impact we become antimatter
The dust hasn’t settled but we feel the decay
Torn limb from limb I am swearing your name
Our hands collide, we brace together
In the impact we become antimatter

We’re waiting in the wreckage for the sun to rise
I’m staring at the fractures no one else can see they’re so complete
When morning comes will there be anyone left to find?
My vision starts to surrender as colors subvert the night

Stolen by auroras, our bodies realign
Magnetic in the impulse show me the other side
Suspended in the ether till I felt you in my chest
I know we’re not alone, but I’m in over my head

We are broken bodies bound for each other
In the impact we become antimatter
The dust hasn’t settled but we feel the decay
Torn limb from limb I am swearing your name
Our hands collide, we brace together
In the impact we become antimatter

Track by Track Cosmic Exploration

  1. “Soulquake”: The opening track sets the stage for the cosmic awakening that awaits us. Imagine waking up from a deep slumber, only to realize that your existence has been a mere simulation, a construct of someone else’s design. The lyrics challenge us to “break the chains that bind us to this world”, inviting us to question the very nature of our reality.
  2. “Iridescent”: This track is a melodic exploration of the human condition, delving into the dichotomy of our existence. We crave both connection and solitude, simultaneously yearning for belonging and individuality. The lyrics remind us that we are all “flickering lights in the void”, trying to find our place in the grand scheme of things.
  3. “Depths III”: Prepare to descend into the abysmal depths of introspection. This song is a sonic metaphor for the existential crisis that lurks within us all. The lyrics paint vivid pictures of “drowning in the undertow” and “sinking into the void”, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is hope for redemption.
  4. “Antimatter”: The titular track is a mind-bending exploration of the fundamental nature of reality. The lyrics delve into the complexities of quantum mechanics, inviting us to contemplate the paradoxes that govern our existence. Imagine being a subatomic particle, simultaneously existing in multiple states until observed. Trippy, right?
  5. “Odyssey”: Buckle up, because this track is a cosmic voyage through space and time. The lyrics paint vivid pictures of “sailing through celestial seas” and “riding the waves of the infinite”. It’s a call to embrace the unknown, to embark on a journey of self-discovery that transcends the boundaries of our physical world.

The Transcendent Experience

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the bigger picture. Silent Planet’s Antimatter is more than just a collection of songs; it’s a transcendent experience that challenges us to question our reality, embrace the unknown, and find meaning in the chaos of existence.

The lyrical themes explored in this album are universal, resonating with anyone who has ever pondered the mysteries of life. From existential crises to cosmic explorations, these lyrics tap into the collective consciousness of humanity, inviting us to join them on a journey of self-discovery.

Linguistic Artistry and Metaphorical Mastery

But wait, there’s more! The linguistic artistry on display in Antimatter is nothing short of stellar. The lyrics are a masterclass in poetic expression, painting vivid pictures with every line. Silent Planet has a knack for crafting metaphors that transport you to alternate dimensions, inviting you to experience the world through a kaleidoscopic lens.

Take, for example, the lyric from “Odyssey”: “We sail through celestial seas, riding the waves of the infinite.” Can’t you just feel the cosmic currents carrying you towards uncharted territories? It’s a metaphorical masterpiece that seamlessly blends the terrestrial and the extraterrestrial.

Confronting Reality and Embracing Freedom

But Silent Planet doesn’t just wax poetic about the mysteries of the universe; they also confront the harsh realities of our human existence. In “Terminal: Prepare for a Mercenary Freedom,” the lyrics are a rallying cry against the constraints that society imposes upon us. It’s a call to “break free from the chains of conformity” and embrace a “mercenary freedom” that allows us to live life on our own terms.

And let’s not forget the haunting closing track, “Anamnesis.” This poignant meditation on memory and identity explores the fragility of our existence, reminding us that we are but “echoes in the void”, destined to fade into oblivion. It’s a sobering reminder to cherish the present moment and live with purpose.

The Cosmic Call

Phew, that was a cosmic journey, wasn’t it? But fear not, my fellow travelers, for we have only scratched the surface of the lyrical depths that Antimatter has to offer.

Immerse yourself in the sonic tapestry of this album, and let the lyrics wash over you like a cosmic tsunami. Silent Planet has crafted a masterpiece that transcends genres and dimensions, inviting you to question your reality, embrace the unknown, and find meaning in the chaos of existence.

So, my cosmic companions, embrace the void, ride the waves of the infinite, and let Silent Planet’s Antimatter be your guiding light through the depths of existence. The universe is listening, are you ready to sound the alarm?


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