“Thinking Out Loud Lyrics Glorilla” – A Candid Conversation About Mental Health and Self-Doubt

Thinking Out Loud Lyrics Glorilla

“Thinking Out Loud” Lyrics Breakdown by Glorilla

OneYearWarMusicHey there, fam! As someone who’s always on the move, exploring new places and vibing to dope tunes, I gotta give mad props to Glorilla’s track “Thinking Out Loud.” That joint hits different, you feel me?

Let me break it down for y’all. This song is all about self-reflection, vulnerability, and keeping it real with yourself. Glorilla ain’t holding back, she’s laying it all out there, and that’s what makes it so damn relatable.

The Raw and Honest Lyrics

Right from the jump, she sets the tone with these opening lines:

I’ve been thinking out loud lately
I’ve been thinking ’bout my ways, yeah

Boom! She’s letting you know this is gonna be a candid AF session. No sugarcoating, no filters, just her inner thoughts out in the open.

As the track progresses, Glorilla touches on some heavy topics like mental health, self-doubt, and personal growth. But she does it in such a genuine way, you can’t help but nod along like “Yep, been there, sis.”

Take these bars for instance:

I’ve been thinking ’bout the problems I create
I’ve been thinking ’bout the pain that I make

Damn, that hit hard, didn’t it? She’s acknowledging the impact her actions have had on others, and that level of self-awareness is something we could all use a little more of.

The Relatable Struggles

But Glorilla doesn’t just stop there. She goes deeper, digging into the internal battles we all face:

I’ve been thinking ’bout the things I can’t control
I’ve been thinking ’bout the thoughts inside my soul

Can y’all relate to that constant inner monologue, trying to make sense of the chaos in your mind? I know I sure can.

And let’s not forget about the self-doubt that creeps in:

I’ve been thinking ’bout the times I didn’t show up
I’ve been thinking ’bout the times I let them down

We’ve all been there, fam. Feeling like you’re not good enough like you’re disappointing the people who matter most. But Glorilla’s lyrics remind us that it’s okay to confront those feelings head-on.

The Empowering Message

Despite all the heavy stuff, there’s an uplifting undercurrent throughout “Thinking Out Loud.” Glorilla isn’t just wallowing in her struggles; she’s using them as fuel for personal growth.

Just peep these lines:

I’ve been thinking ’bout the way I could be better
I’ve been thinking ’bout the ways to elevate

That’s what I’m talking about! She’s actively striving to level up, to be the best version of herself. And that’s a message we could all use a reminder of sometimes.

The Standout Lyrics

Of course, there are always a few lines that just hit different, you know? For me, these are the ones that really stuck out:

LyricReason It Stands Out
“I’ve been thinking ’bout the things I can’t control”It’s a powerful reminder to focus on what you can influence, rather than stressing over the stuff you can’t.
“I’ve been thinking ’bout the times I didn’t show up”We’ve all had moments where we let ourselves or others down, and acknowledging that is brave.
“I’ve been thinking ’bout the ways to elevate”This line is all about self-improvement and growth, which is such an empowering message.

The Takeaway

At the end of the day, “Thinking Out Loud” is a raw, honest, and relatable track that reminds us it’s okay to confront our struggles head-on. Glorilla’s lyrics encourage us to:

  • Self-reflect and get real with ourselves
  • Acknowledge our flaws and shortcomings
  • Strive for personal growth and self-improvement

It’s a reminder that we’re all works in progress, and that’s perfectly okay. So next time you’re feeling some type of way, throw on “Thinking Out Loud” and let Glorilla’s words be your therapeutic vibe sesh.

That’s all I got for now, fam. Keep vibing, keep exploring, and most importantly, keep thinking out loud.



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